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Welcome to Charlie Herring

Charlie Herring Ltd is a UK based company with projects underway to produce wine in South Africa, Italy and England.

Convinced that the true value of wine lies in its ability to reflect time and place, everything we produce and sell has in common the enthusiasm and dedication required to produce a wine which is really authentic - that is, truly reflecting its origin. This requires a high level of understanding and a less interventionist approach than is often seen today where technology has allowed wine to be produced on an industrial scale.

All our wines are produced in small lots allowing meticulous attention to detail throughout the winemaking process. We hand bottle to minimise the effect on the wine as it is tranferred from barrel - all things we believe are key to an authentic wine.


On air...
Chris Scott has been producing an interesting and varied weekly podcast "The UK Wine Show" for a few years, covering everything from individual producers, closures and grape varieties, to wine types, viticultural practices and wine retailers.

We met up in May to discuss growing grapes organically in a walled garden in England, with special interest in Sauvignon Blanc (he is a Kiwi after all!). Click here to listen.